Mindz I releases long-awaited "iScience" EP


An emerging artist/music producer from Trenton, New Jersey, Mindz I is also a producer and musician who is taking the music scene to another level with his music and psychedelic visuals (each song has a YouTube video with an alternate version of the song).

With a sound reminiscent to that of Lincoln Park, Sublime and Cypress Hill, Mindz I produces all of his music and blends rock, hip-hop, dubstep, metal and reggae for an ultimate fusion of sound. With the release of his first EP, "iScience" - Mindz I is creating a new style of music, and how music is experienced. "iScience" is available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/1KPnHUC

Mindz I has come a long way since he first started writing songs and playing the bass guitar with family and friends. He began producing and mixing songs with guitars, synthesizers, samples and cuts from movies, television shows, video games, internet videos and basically anything he could create. Playing all his own instruments, the talented producer prides himself with always using metaphors in his rhymes that reflect the environment around him.

With the release of this EP, the talented musician feeds his scores of online fans and followers by combining music and technology. Mindz I records music with Holophonic Sound and Brainwave Entertainment technology, offering listeners a visual experience with a psychedelic theme, "to open your mind and paint the picture of the music within you." Each YouTube song has a video connected to it, whether it's a song remix or just a piece of musical video art.

Mindz I blends genres of music with a 'east meets west mentality' [in his own words]. With intense syllable rhyming and mind opening, socially aware lyrics, the New Jersey native takes audiences everywhere on a music journey like no other with "iScience."

About Mindz I

Hailing from Trenton New Jersey, producer and musician extraordinaire, Mindz I combines your favorite genres of music for a wild visual and sound experience. Mindz I uses the core elements of music blended into a new age style of Hip/hop that he performs with intense syllable rhyming and mind opening, socially aware lyrics. Rock, Hiphop, Dubstep, Metal and Reggae all in one song is the transcendental sound Mindz I creates with symbolism as its core ingredient meant for those who have the eye to see. Art forms are made as an expression of the artist and have been expressed throughout time in metaphors and aphorisms, with hidden meaning only understood by the level of the witnesses understanding. Producing his own music through YouTube and other technologies, the musician has taken artistry to another level.

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