Lucky Luc drops new music from Guess I’m Lucky mixtape


Brooklyn rapper Lucky Luc has announced the release of his latest ‘street heat.’ With a boisterous beat produced by Hipaholics and a flashy hook, "You Notice" featuring Amir Obe has become one of the most popular songs from the mixtape, "Guess I’m Lucky." You can check out the new single at

"You Notice" is the perfect crossover track for modern day hip-hop. With the mixtape to be released this summer, Lucky has been busy working on several videos for his singles. "All Day" another popular track among fans has been met with controversy.

Recently featured on popular media outlets such as Respect Magazine, Mechanical Dummy, That’s Enuff, and Hip Hop for Dummies, Lucky also shared his thoughts on Kanye West’s "All Day" record with ThisIs50 Radio. Lucky released his song All Day a full year before the Grammy Award winning artist and is certain that the two songs sound very similar. You can check out the full interview with ThisIs50 Radio at

As he continues to position himself as one of hip-hop’s most promising, Lucky Luc has made it a point to be successful. His cult-like lifestyle brand E.D.M (Every Dollar Matters) was created to encourage others to beat the odds and to start living their dream, as he did.

About Lucky Luc
The lyricist behind "It Just Happened", "Kill ‘Em", and "All Day" is a refreshing upstart for the hip-hop scene, and not all squeaky clean in the least. With a burning drive to perform, record and create masterpieces, he claims that he won’t sleep peacefully until he is one of the biggest artists in the world. Refreshingly rigid and unapologetically candid, no matter what the masses and other reviewers say, this is the breed of stories that people really want to hear. Born in the Van Dyke Projects of Brooklyn in 1991, he became a man entirely on his own and at a very young age, caught in the hustle of providing for family. Exposed to plenty of violence around him, he continued to stay focused on his music career and not let the overbearing street life take over his future.

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