Baltimore’s Wish GRANTed releases "The Juice" single

"The self-proclaimed James Brown of Hip Hop drops new single"


Wish GRANTed is a Baltimore, Maryland native ready to turn the hip hop world upside down with his debut single "The Juice;" Written and co-produced by Wish and Bangahs the track will give you great insight on his lyrical prowess, ambition and talent. Check out "The Juice" on Soundcloud at

Accompanying the single is an official music video directed by Abeni Nazeer; A lively recorded performance featuring Wish as he moves about the stage capturing the attention of the viewers with his dance moves. "The Juice" video is available on YouTube at

Filled with a hard hitting bassline "The Juice" offers something a bit different from what’s on the radio today. Motivated by his creativity, Wish is ready to elevate his craft and give the world of hip hop something new and unique. Performing is his speciality and something he takes very serious, he wants the crowd to feel his passion and walk away amazed at what they saw.

Wish GRANTed is hitting us with a in your face track that definitely has the streets talking. He is a saxophone, keyboard playing, dancing rapper who does not disappoint. He recently opened for Audio Push at SoundStage in Baltimore and had the crowd going crazy, with his signature "250" dance move and ability to play multiple instruments. Everyone will know who Wish GRANTed is in no time, his talent is undeniable. His music resonates with different cultures and ages, which has helped elevate his career.

About Wish GRANTed

Known as the ‘James Brown of Hip Hop’ rapper and musician Wish GRANTed has released his latest single "The Juice." With his stylish dance moves and saxophone in hand Wish GRANTed brings about an amplified experience during his live performances fusing custom instrumental hip hop melodies with catchy lyrics.

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