As leukemia becomes terminal, Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi releases the most powerful work of his life

The legendary musician produces his bombastic art-rock masterpiece in just two months while fighting the worst stage of his cancer. His music is keeping him alive.

Despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness, songwriter/musician Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi took to his instruments and created the perfect fusion of experimental hard rock and jazz. Embellished with his signature sound, The Gangsta Rabbi’s relentless pursuit of creative expression shines through in his new album,"Terminator V617F." The CD will be released on February 1,2016 and is currently available online at You can also stream the album on Soundcloud at

Written and produced by Lieberman with the exception of three cover tunes by The Who, Chicago, and the Jim Carroll Band, "Terminator V617F" is his 25th CD release and features 15-tracks of genuine Gangsta Rabbi-styled industrial metal jazz-rock. The project title itself is more than letters and numbers. The meaning is as equally important as each song. The (JAK2) V617F is a chromosome mutation causing several types of myeloprolifirative leukemias, including Lieberman’s disease (post Polycythemia Vera Myelofibrosis).

After battling leukemia for six years, Lieberman’s newly released "Terminator V617F" was produced and completed just two months after receiving news that the cancer has become terminal. With a third round of unsuccessful chemotherapy in progress, The Gangsta Rabbi would once again tread against the grain, doing things his way. The Brooklyn-born musician has built a successful career off his unorthodoxed approach. Lieberman became a legendary staple within the industrial rock genre largely due to his signature use of distorted bass, guitars and other instruments.

Decades into his career, Lieberman signed a multi-album deal with Jewish indie label JDub Records, replacing Matisyahu on their roster. In 2008, he played his flute alongside Weezer in Madison Square Garden. He’s also opened for the Misfits, Andrew W.K. and the late Dunn and Vito, in addition to countless other acts. During his time at the label he had over 110,000 sales and cultivated a loyal following of industrial music lovers around the world.

Widely known for incorporating non-traditional rock music instruments like the flute and trombone into his records, Lieberman’s renegade style landed him on Wikipedia’s list of 'Notable Outsider Musicians.’ In his last two projects he arranged and orchestrated four different types of trombones to add the bombast to the multiple distorted guitars and basses in order to form the heaviest sounding music ever heard. Now, already 8 songs into his next album - somewhat of a tribute, covering The Who's "Quadrophenia" - The Gangsta Rabbi has no plans of slowing down, with or without the terminal illness.

About Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi

Known for his courageous albeit rebellious experimentation against the boundaries and rules of all genres of hard rock music, Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi, now a Notable Outsider Musician, returns with his 25th CD release titled "Terminator V617F." Lieberman’s new album takes you through a nostalgic fusion of genuine Gangsta Rabbi-styled industrial hard rock, punk, metal and jazz as the 15-track, seventy-nine minute project unfolds. "Terminator V617F" is an infectious soundtrack of eccentric, fast-paced rhythms with several cameos of Lieberman playing the flute throughout.

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