Kutting Weight - Lifestyle Fitness Brand

Kutting Weight is a lifestyle fitness brand offering premium sauna suit clothing based in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2007, the company has helped both athletes and fitness minded individuals meet their goals. The benefits of their line of neoprene sauna suits and separates are backed by years of research. The suits themselves deliver metabolism enhancing effects in a stylish package that allows for full range of motion, suitable for a wide range of sports from yoga to cross fit. For more information, go to kuttingweight.com.

"Our sauna suit clothing was born out of a passion for wrestling and a desire to make a required weight class. As many of you from the wrestling world know, cutting weight is not a fun process, but it's necessary if you want to be competitive in your sport. I actually enjoyed working out but despised the cheap plastic sauna suits that ripped ten minutes into my workouts," says Founder and CEO Dustin Zahursky.

"After my college wrestling career ended, I knew I wanted to get into the business world but still be affiliated with the wrestling world. Wrestling had provided me with a direction in life and an opportunity to do something productive. I decided to create a line of superior training gear. Usually when wrestling season was over, the last thing I'd want to do was to work out in a sauna suit. All the same, when I retired from the sport, I found that I still actually liked the workouts. When you're cutting weight for a sport like wrestling, your weight loss regimen often includes temporarily controlling your water weight. If you're just working out in a sauna suit for fun, you can simply replenish your fluids afterwards, and that makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. As more and more of our customers use our sauna suit clothing for their own weight loss goals, they are finding the results remarkable. Customers who were seriously overweight are now committed to using our clothing for every workout and swear that it's the most important fitness tool they own.

"With our line of products, you no longer have to wear uncomfortable plastic sauna suits for cutting weight. Our sauna suit fabrics are durable, flexible, and allow more of your skin to breathe. Our clothing keeps your core heated up so that you can effectively lose water weight and burn more calories, whether for weight loss in a competitive sport, or just working to stay trim. Kutting Weight offers the most advanced product for water weight loss in the fitness industry." Dustin Zahursky is a national champion wrestler for Lindenwood University and national champion race car driver for the Lotus Cup USA.

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