T Mitch Releases "Let It Be Heard" EP

10 NOVEMBER 2017
Rapper, singer and producer debuts new EP

Los Angeles, CA - November 10, 2017 -- T Mitch is a rapper/singer/producer from Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of 7, T Mitch’s mother, a Haitian immigrant, enrolled him in music lessons. It was the right decision, because T Mitch exuded an intense, contagious passion for music that his music teachers recognized and fostered. Philippe Duquette, a music teacher T Mitch counts among his mentors, elected T Mitch to lead his school choir. At age 16, T Mitch began producing beats for local artists, which helped him develop his signature sound, which mixes elements of Hip Hop, R&B, Trap and more.

T Mitch is currently performing at venues around Ottawa. His latest EP, “Let it Be Heard” is available now on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. Follow T Mitch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the new music he’s working on.


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