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Holiday Set to Drop New Single "Red Summer" feat Damsel Adams on August 3

Los Angeles-based artists collab to create a hit for the summer

Los Angeles, CA - August 3, 2018 — Holiday is excited to announce the release of his new single "Red Summer" The new single is set to be released on August 3 and features vocals from  Damsel Adams. Its upbeat tempo is mixed with simple but catchy lyrics and easily lends itself to be a hit for the summer.

Life has taken Holiday through challenges but music has always been a part of his life. Holiday dropped out of college to play music in a band called "The Chase." Though the band had a bit of success Holiday soon decided to pursue a career in film scoring. During this time, he continued to pursue musical aspirations by picking up the piano, counterpoint, melody, and harmony. After 9 months of studying sound design, he began discovering the type of music he wanted to create. Holiday then shifted his musical direction into the electronic space.

Picking up a poppy sound with cinematic storytelling, Nick draws inspirations from Disney and Pixar movies. He channels his background of sound design and music composition into a fresh, catchy and imaginative sound. He continues to perfect his craft while working with major artists as a ghost producer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer.

"Red Summer" is a blend of pop and dance sounds. It radiates positivity with lyrics that compare love to summertime. With a strong beat drop, the single is ready to take on the summer. "Red Summer" will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes on August 3.

Future Plans for Holiday:

Holiday experienced a spout of bad luck in the beginning of 2018 when he totaled his car and his commercial studio burned down almost losing all his life long work, including projects that were in the works for a major recording artist that he was producing. Nothing short of a miracle, he was able to recover his work and now plans to release music every month starting in August! Keep an eye out for Holiday's future release of pop, dubstep and hybrid trap! You can follow Holiday on Instagram and Facebook.

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