Rap Artist M.A.T.T Drops New EP, Majestic

Majestic Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) April 17, 2020 — New rapper, M.A.T.T releases his newest project, Majestic. The 4-track EP includes “Thinkin’ Bout You,” “Tonight” featuring Nicholle, “How Many,” and “Hermosa.” 

This is M.A.T.T’s fourth EP, but only his second to be recorded in the United States. The mixture of sounds on the album includes chill rap, trap, sexy rap, and a seductive mood. The name “majestic” came from the artist’s personal experience being in the United States and experiencing many of its beauties. M.A.T.T says, “You could be anywhere in the world and see how love and adventure speaks one language, beauty without concern of race or ethnicity.” 

M.A.T.T is bringing together multiple cultures and languages in a beautiful way. Although most of the songs on the EP are in English, one is in Spanish. He researched the language and added “Hermosa,” which means “beautiful” in Spanish. Each track is catchy and easy for everyone to sing along to. It’s clear to see M.A.T.T is creating a unique career that will not be bound by borders.

Majestic is available on Spotify and all major platforms. Follow M.A.T.T on Instagram, and Youtube for upcoming releases.

About M.A.T.T

Matthew Sylvester, known as his artist name M.A.T.T, is a new rapper to the music scene. He also works as a songwriter and producer from Cape Town, South Africa. Despite growing up surrounded by poverty and gangs, it was music that fed his heart and kept him going. His passion for music was born from the experiences he had watching his dad DJ and play old school music. It was at age 12 that he began creating music of his own, but it wasn’t until high school that he began to see a fan base emerge. As his career progressed, M.A.T.T began performing live on radio and TV. After relocating to the U.S. in 2019, he began to learn from individuals who have won Grammys and producers who assist in Billboard chart-toppers. His fourth EP, Majestic, is out now.

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