Marquette King Releases Hot, New Single “Party With Me”

“Party With Me” is Available Now on All Major Platforms 

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(Los Angeles, CA) May 1, 2020 — Marquette King has dropped his captivating remix single, “Party With Me” featuring Va-Cay. 


The pop/hip-hop song, “Party With Me,” is about seeing a desirable woman in the club. Although the couple has shared lustful looks with each other, the song plays out the internal struggle of wanting to ask the woman out but not wanting to interrupt her ladies’ night. 

Marquette started making his own music when his YouTube channel kept getting flagged for using copyrighted music in his videos. It was at that point that his love for creating music began to surface again and the rest is history. Marquette can now add musical artist and producer to his long list of successes so far.

“Party With Me” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms. The music video can be viewed on YouTube. Follow Marquette King on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

About Marquette King

Marquette King is a self-proclaimed “pop-hop” (a mixture of pop and hip-hop) artist originally from Georgia but now based in Scottsdale, AZ. He always had a passion for making music, but it stopped when his sports career started to take off. King started his professional career as an NFL punter, playing for the Oakland Raiders and later the Denver Broncos. During time off due to injury, King has been working hard on his music. Follow Marquette King on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

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