Emerging Artist Marquette King Drops Latest Single, “Lose Control”

“Lose Control”  Featuring ProfessionalRegularGuy Available Now 

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(Los Angeles, CA) May 12, 2020 — With his latest drop, Marquette King proves he’s a rising talent. The single, entitled “Lose Control,” features the skilled artist ProfessionalRegularGuy and follows the release of Marquette’s remixed song, “Party With Me” featuring Va-Cay.

“Lose Control” is a hip hop/rock anthem perfect for the summertime. The song was created to encourage people to not worry about how they’re perceived and to live life to the fullest. With carefree lyrics and a catchy, timeless beat this single will be played on repeat long after this summer is over. 

The Pheonix-native has always had a passion for music but he paused his pursuit of it to focus on his professional NFL career. While taking some unexpected time off due to an injury, King has taken the opportunity to dive back into his music. After the release of singles “This Side” and “Past You”, his new single and music video for “Lose Control” is sure to keep listeners coming back for more. 

“Lose Control” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms. Check out the video for his new single on YouTube. Follow Marquette King on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

About Marquette King

Marquette King is a self-proclaimed “pop-hop” (a mixture of pop and hip-hop) artist originally from Georgia but now based in Scottsdale, AZ. He always had a passion for making music, but it stopped when his sports career started to take off. King started his professional career as an NFL punter, playing for the Oakland Raiders and later the Denver Broncos. During time off due to injury, King has been working hard on his music. Follow Marquette King on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

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