Synth-Pop Duo LightBody Sound Releases Latest Single, What About Love

What About Love Is Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) May 13, 2020 — LightBody Sound, a Virginia based synth-pop duo, has released their newest single, “What About Love.” The single follows “Dream of Love” and “Gypsies” and is the eighth track from their debut eponymous album, which is set to be released on June 5th.

“What About Love” is a love ballad about a couple rediscovering the fire in their relationship. The narrative follows the artists in LightBody Sound, married couple Chris and Elizabeth Knudson, through a rough patch in their relationship. As the couple moved through that time, Chris wrote his thoughts and feelings into the song. “What About Love” narrates the hope that it is possible to come out of challenges in a loving partnership with a stronger bond.

After meeting in 2006, the couple has occasionally performed together but never found the opportunity to record and formally release a record. Each has worked on their own music projects until Chris produced the record during 2019 in Portland, Oregon with the assistance of Larry Crane (The Decemberists, Elliott Smith) of Jackpot! Recording Studios. The recent release of a few singles combined with their upcoming self-titled album is LightBody Sound’s debut to music lovers worldwide.

“What About Love” is available on via Lightstone Records on Bandcamp and all other major platforms. For more information visit their website.

About LightBody Sound

These two gypsies met on a balmy South Texas night at a retired brothel called The Last Concert Cafe. Elizabeth was a down on her luck opera-singer, drowning her broken heart and luminous talent in too much tequila. Chris was a mysterious troubadour, quite sophisticated and yet consistently ill-behaved. Now the producer and artists are married and raising their two children together. Although Chris has released a number of records in the past, this is the couple’s first project together. Their sound can be described as a combination of synth wave, dream pop, art pop, folktronica, and “now” age.

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