Australian Actor Tyler De Nawi Releases Debut Single, Fuxk Tyler

Fuxk Tyler Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) June 12, 2020 -- Tyler De Nawi, Australian actor, enters the music industry after releasing his first single, “Fuxk Tyler.” Tyler is best known for the Australian shows “Doctor Doctor,” “On The Ropes,” and “Here Come The Habibs.”

Tyler was recently forced to take a break from TV and film, as the Coronavirus shut down production all over the world. In his recent downtime, his passion for creating music has grown into another way for Tyler to express himself.

Out of this, “Fuxk Tyler” was created. It’s all about Tyler starting a new chapter in his life; leaving the old Tyler behind to reinvent himself. While he was performing as an actor, he was known as the sweetheart, or boy next door. Now through his debut musical performance, he is showing a darker side of himself. 

“Fuxk Tyler” is Tyler’s re-introduction of himself to the world, declaring he won’t let those who have tried to harm and belittle him stop him. He will no longer run or hide. Tyler De Nawi is expressing himself the way he wants so that fans and others can also be inspired to express their true selves.

“Fuxk Tyler” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Look out for the upcoming release of the music video for “Fuxk Tyler” on YouTube.

About Tyler De Nawi

Tyler De Nawi was born in Sydney, Australia. His career in the entertainment industry began with his interest in martial arts. He became a professional acrobat at the age of 17 and performed live with several dance companies. From their his love of performing and later acting only grew as he ventured into film and TV. His first casting was in a short action film. Tyler studied drama for a couple of years and decided to seek out an agent to increase his chance of getting more acting jobs. He successfully landed a supporting role in the 2015 mini-series, “The Principal”, featured on SBS, a national public television network in Australia. He was also shortly cast on the comedy series, “Here Comes the Habibs,” and another SBS mini-series, “On The Ropes.” 2020 is a big year for Tyler, as he is releasing his debut musical projects and also had a lead role in the production of the upcoming Aussie film “A Lion Returns,” set to release in August.

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