Emerging Rapper CEO Chino Marley Draws New Ears with Mixtape “Dripology, Vol. 1”

The Atlanta-based performer sets the tone for 2020

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(Los Angeles, CA) June 19, 2020 — CEO Chino Marley emerges as a rising MC with his latest mixtape “Dripology, Vol. 1.” As SouthEast Independent Awards’ Best Male Hip Hop Artist of 2020, Chino is quickly gaining a lot of attention for his musical storytelling and his willingness to tackle hard topics.

“Dripology, Vol. 1” is a hip hop/trap project that chronicles Chino’s journey to becoming the talented rapper, devoted father, and ambitious entrepreneur he is today. Several of the songs are accompanied by music videos, adding a visual element to the story of the mixtape.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Chino is not afraid to talk about the hardships he went through as one of four kids raised by a single mother. He’s experienced both sides of the table, from falling prey to the circumstances to rising above them. The authenticity in his music and lyrics is hard to walk away from. 

“Dripology, Vol. 1” is produced by Canadian producer Sspiketrap, whom Chino met via social media. The two have come together to create a signature sound throughout all of Chino’s latest and upcoming releases.

The mixtape is available on all major platforms, including Spotify, and is just the first release of a promising 2020 for the artist/producer duo. You can follow CEO Chino Marley on Instagram and you can also follow Sspiketrap to stay tuned for their upcoming releases.

About Chino Marley

CEO Chino Marley grew up between Birmingham, AL, and New Orleans, LA. From a young age, he loved music and would rap for his teachers. He also had a fascination with computer technology, often taking things apart and eventually teaching himself how to read wires and put them back together, using this same inquisitive, observational approach to write his insightful and penetrating lyrics. Growing up without a father figure, Chino ended up turning to the streets, until a prison cell prevented him from witnessing his child’s birth. Since then, he’s focused on his music and entrepreneurship, while putting fatherhood at the forefront of his life. Chino has toured around artists like Lil Jon, Mike Epps, and Pretty Ricky. Now based in Atlanta, he has recently been named Southeast Independent Awards’ 2020 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year.

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