Emerging Indiana Group, Yelloh, Drops Latest Album, Yelloh Archipelago

Yelloh Archipelago Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) July 31, 2020 -- Yelloh, an Indiana-based group, drops their hottest album yet, Yelloh Archipelago. This project follows their 11-track debut album, Kiswah Island.

Yelloh pushed the bounds of their creativity and production with Yelloh Archipelago. The inspiration came from the same push they give each other when creating music, an honest and thoughtful process in the name of perfecting their craft. 

Although their debut album, Kiswah Island, has gotten some love on some streaming sites, Yelloh has spent more time refining their music to create their latest album. Yelloh Archipelago is a wonderful example of their development as artists. It’s about striving for success.

“Midnight Paradise,” an expected standout from Yelloh Archipelago, has an energetic beat and authentic lyrics. 

Yelloh Archipelago is available now on all major platforms. Follow Yelloh’s members on Instagram, Liq and M33CHie da Vinci.

About Yelloh

Yelloh consists of two members, brothers, Liq and M33CH. Yelloh was formed after each brother saw the great potential in the other. They began critiquing each other's music before creating music together, which grew into the group they have now. Yelloh also performs live whenever they can. Even though they had separate careers prior to forming the duo, the brothers are eager for their shared career to take off.

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