Speedyville Nardy Drops Album, BraveHeart Musik

BraveHeart Musik Available on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) Oct. 07, 2020 -- Speedyville Nardy, an up-and-coming artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA, has released his latest album, BraveHeart Musik, on all major platforms. The album is his first major project under his own independent label, Pack Money LLC.

BraveHeart Musik is an impressive hip hop album that showcases Speedyville Nardy’s impeccable talent. Throughout the album, listeners are drawn in by the quality beats, but also the powerful emotion that comes from melancholy piano and guitar sprinkled throughout the album, as well as Speedyville’s raw, unique vocals and lyrics.

You can listen to BraveHeart Musik on all major platforms including Spotify.

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