Post-American Left/Folk Band Ashera Drops Latest Album Rob The Rich

Rob The Rich Available December 18 on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) November 24, 2020 -- Ashera is set to release its latest album, Rob The Rich, which includes 10 powerful left/folk songs.

Rob The Rich depicts a soft melodic feel to listeners and portrays a dreamscape aesthetic filled with hauntingly beautiful harmonies and touches on issues of race, freedom and equality. 

Ashera is known for creating music that speaks on issues of police brutality, patriarchy, revolt, and the need to stand against the growing facist movement and in support of issues of justice in America.

Their previous album, Antifascist Lullabies, was released December 2019. They follow that album up with Rob The Rich, going more in depth on issues of racial justice in today’s world. With 2020 being another year in history on speaking up for what’s right and coming together for equality, Rob The Rich is a beautifully timely and thought-provoking album that entices listeners to visualize these tunes through Ashera’s passionately relevant storytelling.

Rob The Rich will be available December 18 on all major platforms. Follow Ashera on Facebook or visit their website for more information and future releases.

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