Uuchie Releases Her Newest Single, Yummy Yummy (Deluxe Mix)

“Yummy Yummy (Deluxe Mix)” Available Now on SoundCloud     

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(Los Angeles, LA) December 29, 2020 -- Uuchie releases her latest pop single “Yummy Yummy (Deluxe Mix)”, produced by her and Elijah Saint.

“Yummy Yummy (Deluxe Mix)” is an intense single with a catchy hook to give listeners a bold message. Women should appreciate their femininity and not being afraid to use their dominance. Uuchie gives off pop tunes with a twist of metal and rock in this latest single.

Uuchie pulls inspiration from her personal life, saying "I'm never a romantic person, I just get straight to the point in the bedroom as for me romance is dead."

Constantly competing with herself, Uuchie keeps on transcending, exploding like a supernova blasting away. Uuchie is currently at her home recording studio via Capri Taur Records working tirelessly on new projects to be released for her die hard fans.

“Yummy Yummy (Deluxe Mix)” is available now on SoundCloud. Follow Uuchie on Instagram or visit her website for updates on upcoming projects.  

About Uuchie

Uuchie is a US based Finnish artist and businesswoman, owner of her record label, and a graduate from Sibelius Academy where she studied classical music. Uuchie's genres include pop, synth pop, rock, reggae, trap, R&B, funk, dance and EDM.  Uuchie writes, and produces her own music and with her passions of music and entrepreneurship, she is looking forward to committing to the right record label. Her goal through her music and opening up to her fans and new listeners is to represent dominance and to inspire young women to be independent whilst vouching for sexual independence.

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