Bleary Releases New Single “Weeknight” to Complete His 3 Part Trilogy

Weeknight (Sever, Pt. 3) Available Now on All Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) January 7th, 2021 — Bleary releases new single “Weeknight” to complete his trilogy, following the release of ”Sever” and “Peace”. 

The latest single to this trilogy, “Weeknight” is about healing. Bleary finds the importance of friendships and the monotony of existence during the stages of healing. “Weeknight” shares a unique emo/down tempo for his lyrical storytelling.

Bleary says, “it's about carrying on, which is what the Bleary brand and life itself are all about. As with the other songs my goal is not to drag down or to encourage, but to reflect reality because that's what we grow from.” 

The first two songs in the trilogy, “Sever” which is created from times of loss, frustration, and acceptance, and “Peace” which is about a struggle to see any positive and to stop thinking the worst.  

Followed by the completion of this 3 part project, “Weeknight” is set to release a music video for the track, and Bleary looks forward to working on upcoming projects in the genre of trap and emo.

Bleary’s next EP will be available on February 4th.

Weeknight (Sever, Pt. 3)  is available now on all major platforms. Visit Bleary’s website and Instagram page for more upcoming projects.

About Bleary 

Bleary has been passionate about Creating his own music for 10 years; Recently surviving a deadly blow to the head it motivated him to think about his path and doing a hard reset. This made him transition full-time pursuing his passion of doing music. With Bleary’s compelling storytelling through opening up in music; He wants to share with his audience and new listeners that his hardships with his life experiences are things that he was able to get through and conquer and is an inspiration for others to be able to do the same. Bleary isn’t afraid to be vulnerable through his music and is motivated to keep working on future projects to showcase to others.

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