David Brown Releases His New EP, Wayward Blues & Co.

Wayward Blues & Co. Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) January 19, 2021 -- David Brown releases his 5-track EP, Wayward Blues & Co.

Wayward Blues & Co. is a unique project of raw blues and smokey jazz coupled with a rural southern influence.

In Wayward Blues & Co., David uses compelling storytelling to showcase an emotional journey through his struggle with a variety of turbulent life experiences.

Each song on Wayward Blues & Co. involves a personal narrative that reveals a bigger picture of David’s personal battles with love, loss, depression, addiction, and suicidal ideation.

David says, “I've only tried to shed light on my inner struggles in the most compelling way I know how and will let the listener make of it what they will. Much like a painting on exhibit, the observer will always interpret its meaning through the lens of their own personal experiences.”

Wayward Blues & Co. starts off with “Devil Inside Me,” featuring guitar and vocals reminiscent of old rural blues. David gives listeners insight into his exhaustive search for peace from addiction only to find that this “devil” will be with him for the rest of his life. The project concludes with “I’m Comin’ Home,” a fast tune that opens up about the unrelenting burden that is depression and suicidal ideation he has carried with him throughout most of his life.

Wayward Blues & Co. is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow David on Instagram and visit his website for more updates on upcoming projects. 

About David Brown

Currently living in the Bay Area, David Brown is a blues singer, songwriter, and musician. After graduating high school in his hometown Wade, NC, David bought his first guitar at 17, after being inspired by John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”. In 2008, David moved to Colorado Springs to reset and eventually enlisted in the military on April 19th, 2009.  While stationed on the west coast for training, David cut his first original album, "Barefoot Remedies” before being stationed in Hawaii.After 10 years of service, David honorably discharged from the US Coast Guard to pursue music full time. David continues to draw on his experiences accrued during his travels, deployments, and personal hardships as inspiration for his unique style of brazenly honest storytelling. David is always working on new material for future projects to be released soon.

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