Regina Madre

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Regina Madre is an adult contemporary, R&B artist originally from Benton Harbor, MI. “Regina Madre” is the pseudonym for singer/songwriter/actress and wife to actor Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews. She debuted the pseudonym in 2018 to get an honest opinion on her music and soon had 2 radio singles, “(I Keep) Holding On” and “Destiny”. Although she has never stopped writing songs, she has taken several breaks from her career to support her family. Rebecca believes in putting family first and the rest will follow.

She is currently promoting "What You Wanna Do?". “What You Wanna Do?” is a silky track speaking from the heart of a woman who is letting her man know what’s waiting for him when he comes home. The maturity in both the lyrics and music blend together, creating a smooth gem for devoted lovers everywhere. “What You Wanna Do?” is the perfect song for a sultry and tender night with the one you love.

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