sapeur.wav releases new EP, Universe Provides

Universe Provides Available Now on All Streaming Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) February 12th, 2021 -- Music duo sapeur.wav releases the newest EP, Universe Provides, produced by Numonics. 

With past projects, sapeur.wav decided to showcase passions for music with alternative, soul, and funk sounds. Universe Provides is a switch to alt-R&B, bedroom pop and soul vibes and includes 6 tracks that provide powerful messages.

Universe Provides brings love, positivity, and magic which showcases what the sapeur.wav brand is about. It’s all about the idea that the universe puts everything in front of you to make your dream happen, and being able to be in tune enough to notice.

“I think there is enough negative music in the world. I want to be the person that chooses joy and love over everything else,” says Katrell, one half of the duo, talking about the inspiration for their music.

The writing process of Universe Provides was a collaborative effort between Numonics and Katrell, as they met on LinkedIn. The best part of this creative process for the team was the final mix production as Numonics is skilled at interpreting sound and song. Numonics works fast and efficiently with music producing and was able to achieve how Katrell envisioned the latest release of Universe Provides.

Universe Provides is available on all major platforms. Follow sapeur.wav on Spotify and on Instagram to stay updated on the latest projects. 

About sapeur.wav

sapeur.wav was born in the digital age in the most digital way possible, online. They are a genre-bending, music duo made up of the singer/songwriter Katrell and the singer, songwriter, and producer, Numonics. sapeur.wav is influenced by all genres of music, but notably: R&B, rock and pop. Their reason for being is to give a voice to the non-conformists and to inspire people to be their most authentic self. Through their music, sapeur.wav’s goal is to normalize free-thought and to galvanize people from all walks of life towards unity.

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