Bleary Showcases Music Video Newest Single, “Weeknight”

Weeknight Available Now on YouTube

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(Los Angeles, CA) March 11, 2021 -- Oregon-based music artist Bleary, debuts the music video to his latest hip-hop/rap single, “Weeknight”.

The “Weeknight” video takes place in the weeks/months following a breakup and serves as a reminder that friendship is an important part of life. The music video also highlights the struggle to pursue passions while still trying to pay the bills. 

Bleary describes it as, “the necessity of getting right to your passions after the workday; the required sacrifice of sleep, the toll that takes on the following day, and how completely exhausting yet inescapable that spiral is.”

In comparison to the first two songs in the series, “Weeknight” has more of an emo/funk sound to it.

The “Weeknight” music video is available now on YouTube. Visit Bleary’s website and Instagram page for more upcoming projects.

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