J$Money Releases His Newest Hip-Hop Single, “Brick City”

Brick City Available Now on All Streaming Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) March 4, 2021 -- Atlanta-based hip-hop artist, J$Money releases the latest single “Brick City”. 

“Brick City” was inspired by J$Money to express the shortcomings of those who experienced living, and surviving on the streets. 

Combining hip-hop and creative storytelling, J$Money shares powerful messaging throughout the track of what it was like for him going through personal obstacles, how he’s made it out of these situations, and shows gratitude for life lessons that were taught from it.

Speaking on some of his life obstacles, J$Money says, “I grew up around the projects. Projects were everywhere, either I lived in them or lived beside them. The life I experienced created the backdrop for the song.”

J$Money wants listeners to feel the adrenaline behind the song “Brick City” and encourages those that grew up in similar situations to stay true to their higher purpose in life and continue to be self-motivated throughout life’s obstacles.

“Brick City” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Visit J$Money’s website for updates on new projects.

About J$Money

J$Money’s inspiration for music grew overtime whilst growing up in Alabama around his grandfather. At the age of 8, he started tapping into his musical abilities by learning to play the harmonica and picked up his first guitar and learning techniques. After his grandfather passed, J$Money put music on the back burner and went on a journey of finding his truest self. Over time he realized that the best way for him to cope throughout this time and express himself was through music. J$Money reflected on his purpose and eventually gained his courage back to continue pursuing his talents and career as a musician.

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