Ree-Mo Releases Newest Single, “Pipe Down”

Pipe Down Available Now on All Streaming Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) March 24, 2021 -- Ree-Mo releases high-energy track “Pipe Down”. A hip-hop track for listeners to feel confident and untouchable.

The hip-hop track “Pipe Down” is the perfect confidence booster for any listener.

Ree-Mo created “Pipe Down” in an effort to bring a more artistic feel to his music. With a slight difference in this track compared to his others, “Pipe Down” is the first to have a switch in flow and overall sound. 

When creating the song Ree-Mo was looking for beats online and sure enough the first one he found was the beat for “Pipe Down”. “I immediately wrote it cause I loved the beat. I had just finished the video for another single, ‘Everything Litty Again’ so I was feeling good then I came up with ‘Pipe Down’.”

Although Ree-Mo is just starting out his musical career, he’s produced three other singles and with two videos. He is looking forward to connecting more with new listeners and sharing his passion with others.

“Pipe Down” is available now on all major platforms. For more information and to stay updated on upcoming projects, follow Ree-Mo onInstagram.

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