Abhi Manapragada Inspires in Latest Album, Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul

Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul is Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) March 24, 2021 -- Rock artist Abhi Manapragada gives hope and inspiration in his new 13-track album, Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul.

Abhi created Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul with the desire that listeners will be compelled to take action, find their passions and follow love.

In the title track, Abhi shares his life journey so far and the journey ahead and has more of a traditional rock sound. Another highlight track on the album “Broken Hearts, Broken Souls” is more of a romantic love song both in music and lyrics.

Currently studying music, Abhi wants to explore different genres in order to better understand the relationship between culture and genres. Abhi believes that one can have more compassion and empathy for culture through exposing oneself to different types of music, because “all music shares the human story”.

Confessions from a Drifter’s Soul is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Abhi Manapragada on Instagram for updates on upcoming projects.

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