Taiwan Beats Showcase & SXSW Online Emerges Despite Worldwide Shutdown

Taiwan Beats Showcase at SXSW Online Available Now on YouTube

(Los Angeles, CA) May 5, 2021 -- In the wake of the recent pandemic, SXSW created an online showcase in partnership with Taiwan Beats. Taiwan Beats showcases a diverse group of talent with beautiful landscapes in Taiwan.

With the help of Taiwan Beats Showcase which is organized by Young Team Productions, SXSW Online featured four Twainese artists: Fire EX., Enno Cheng, The Chairs and NekoJam. 

Enno Cheng, an interdisciplinary artist, flows between singer-songwriter, actor, and writer effortlessly; sharing her ethereal and contagious sounds in the mountains on the east coastline. Next up were the punk rock group Fire EX., who roared with Taiwanese unapologetic identity in the mechanic factory as they performed their song “Stand Up Like A Taiwanese” in solidarity with every fan. 

Later on, The Chairs’ deliver a psychedelic party that takes viewers through a unique indoor shrimp fishing farm. Lastly, female electro pop quartet NekoJam held their concert in the historic, hundreds-of-years withstanding temple, Monga-QingShanTemple.

Taiwan Beats SXSW Online showcase is available now onYouTube. Visit Taiwan Beats’ website for more information.

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