Snowtown Unveils Cathartic New Single, “Happy Birthday”

Happy Birthday is Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) May 14, 2021 -- Alt-rockers Snowtown share a dark, personal experience on their latest single “Happy Birthday”.

“Happy Birthday” is a soft, somber track about the significance certain birthdays have played in the life of band member Jesse Garcia.

When he was younger, Jesse dealt with a lot of eerie thoughts, one of which being that he should end his life. He decided it would be on his 15th birthday, after the party was over and everyone went home. However, one friend didn’t go home and stayed with him most of the night; unaware of Jesse’s tumultuous inner-struggle.

Jesse attributes his life being saved that day to his friend, Loü. Thus, “Happy Birthday” was born.

Jesse comments “by the time my next birthday came around, I had sworn off ever attempting suicide, as I understood the damage it’d to do my friends and family. But if it weren’t for my friend, things would have gone much worse.”

“Happy Birthday” will be available on June 11th on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Snowtown on Instagram for more information and future updates.

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