Tarah Who? Releases New Single for French Mother's Day, La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre

La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre is Available Now on All Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) May 21, 2021 -- Tarah Who? releases a tribute song to Tarah’s mom titled “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre”, just in time for Mother’s Day in France.

“La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” is a pumped-up rock song full of guitar/drum rhythms and appreciation for Tarah’s mother.

Since Tarah and her mom have connected through music, “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” is the perfect way to show Tarah’s appreciation for her mom. The song title came from her mother’s nickname as a child, “la petite boche.” 

Tarah’s grandfather was a German soldier and her grandmother was a French citizen. So “la petite boche” was meant as a slur by her French classmates, loosely translating to “the little German”. “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” takes back the insult and gives it a new meaning of love and appreciation.

Tarah comments “listening to music was one of our things. My mom shared with me the bands she used to go see live and I would share with her the bands I discovered. You never know as a kid what is going to be special. But looking back, that is one of the moments that sticks out as influential.”

The “La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” music video will be released on May 28th. 

“La petite Boche: Un Amour De Guerre” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Tarah Who? on their website for future updates and more information.

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