Santa Sallet - New Single and Music Video “Just Another Tuesday”

Just Another Tuesday is Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) May 19, 2021 -- Santa Sallet has released his newest single and music video  “Just Another Tuesday” from his upcoming mixtape, Plutography.

“Just Another Tuesday” is a hip-hop/rap track written by Santa Sallet and mixed by, MSP producer, Nemizzo.

When Nemizzo sent Santa the beat for “Just Another Tuesday”, the lyrics were free-flowing between them. As soon as Santa got home, he wrote down the lyrics for the genius rap offering.

The “Just Another Tuesday” music video features the MSP duo, Nemizzo and Santa, and a white BMW i8. 

Santa Sallet comments, “This is just what being a rapper is all about. Just hanging out with your friends, spending the money you made, and enjoying life. To most, this type of lifestyle is hard to attain. To me, it was Just Another Tuesday.”

Santa Sallet is a rapper, producer, and businessman based in Washington, DC. Nostalgic for hip-hop’s golden era and inspired by a worldly upbringing, Sallet’s sound is confident, versatile, and playful. 

“Just Another Tuesday” is available now on SoundCloud and all other major platforms. Visit Santa Sallet’s website for more information.

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