Promising Gospel Artist LL. White On Damascus Releases Official Video for New Single, “I Wish I Could Be We”

“I Wish I Could Be We” Official Video Available Now on YouTube

(Los Angeles, CA) May 25, 2021 -- LL. White On Damascus, an up-and-coming urban gospel artist, has released a music video for her new single "I Wish I Could Be We". The video illustrates events within the last year that have both connected and divided people around the world.

The "I Wish I Could Be We" music video delivers a call of unity to life. The story begins with someone’s eyes, their point of view. In the video, LL. White explains that if we could learn to see the world through the eyes of another, we would have a more compassionate and united world. 

The video offers an oversimplified, yet positive solution to overwhelming problems such as a loss of life, loss of dignity, loss of peace of mind, and a thriving economy. LL. White compels perpetrators to stop hating, stop killing, and stop doing harm on so many levels.

LL. White says, “2020 should have given us all perspective. We should be united, but instead we are more afraid and less understanding.”

"I Wish I Could Be We" serves as a mirror for humanity. There is no ‘I’, only ‘we’. The song calls upon individuals and groups to value the likenesses and differences we share with one another. The song was written and co-produced by LL. White, as she seeks to express the culmination of challenges that both connect and divide.

The “I Wish I Could Be We” can be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and all other video-sharing services. The single is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and all digital other platforms. Follow LL. White On Damascus Rd. on Instagram for more information.

About LL. White On Damascus

LL. White is an urban gospel artist born in Akron, OH. She first discovered she had an interest in music at the age of 4. She fell in love with music from Andrae Crouch, Aretha Franklin, and jazz fusion. She proceeded to hone her musical skills mimicking other musicians on shoebox drums, broomstick microphones, and other makeshift instruments while singing in the sunshine choir at a little Pentecostal church. She met the legendary Kurt Carr while attending the University of Connecticut and became a lead singer in the original Kurt Carr Singers; headlining and opening for numerous gospel greats. Having overcome a brain aneurysm that left her paralyzed, partially blind, and later experiencing homelessness, LL. White lives to write music and stories that inspire triumph and glorify God. Fully recovered, she published her freshman book "Is Praise What You Do? Developing a Passion for Praise, a Will to Worship", published by Westbow Press. She’s also released her debut EP "Song of the Redeemed" in late 2017. LL. continues to develop a nearly 1,200 song library with an ear toward uplifting messages of love that enlighten and enliven, driven by urban sounds.

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