I.K.P. Releases 4th Full-Length Solo Project, 11:11

11:11 Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) June 15, 2021 -- Alternative rapper I.K.P. drops his latest solo project, an album titled ‘Eleven Eleven’, styled as 11:11 | eleven eleven. The 16-track project features production from platinum producers Christopher Starr of CSP Music Group and Ivan "MNDCFT" Corpening. The new album was produced by I.K.P. and released via Reigning Positivity, LLC.

I.K.P. included four “1”s in the album’s title to directly reference that it’s his fourth solo project. 11:11 is also significant to the rap artist because it was released on his birthday, April 1st (4/1/21).

11:11 was created at a time when I.K.P. needed healing for a lot of deeply personal issues rooted in his mental health. Unresolved issues led to his substance abuse, depression, and self-harm. I.K.P. also endured trauma from a toxic relationship, homelessness, and PTSD from a sexual assault while he was serving in the United States military. Creating 11:11 has been instrumental in his journey of recovery and healing.

Even though I.K.P. still has some work to do on this journey, he is an advocate for LGBTQ+, Black, and Urban audiences’ everyday experiences. I.K.P. says, “It isn't absolute, but understanding what other Black and Queer men endure, I wanted to share my experience to help others find their healing that isn't concerned with external pressures.”

In a recent episode of I.K.P.’s podcast, Herbal Tea Podcast, he interviewed Paperboy Love Prince (they/them/God/Goddess), a queer artist and activist who is the youngest and first non-binary candidate in history running for Mayor of New York City, where I.K.P. resides. The whole episode was solely dedicated to the interview under the Herbal Tea Lounge brand, which is a spinoff dedicated to full-length interviews with luminaries impacting the LGBTQ+ community in a local capacity.

11:11 is available now on all major platforms. Follow I.K.P. on Instagram for more information. 

About I.K.P.

I.K.P. is an alternative rapper based in New York City. He served in the United States Marine Corps before being honorably discharged. Since then, he has released 4 solo albums, 2 mixtapes, and 2 projects with a group, known as The AlliYance. This group was nominated for Best Urban EP at the 15th Annual Independent Music Awards in 2016 for their EP, “Introducing...The AlliYance”. I.K.P. and his co-host, EarthTone, launched a bi-monthly platform titled The Herbal Tea Podcast in January 2020. They use this platform to review music from the LGBTQ+ community and allies, discuss issues and news from the LGBTQ+ community, and also talk about all things related to cannabis culture.

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