Tim Knapp Releases Thought-Provoking Single, “Online”

Online is Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) June 24, 2021 -- Rochester native Tim Knapp releases his latest single titled “Online”.

“Online” is a pop single written in a time when Tim was weighing the positive and negative effects of the internet. On one hand it has become a useful tool but it also can become a vice.

Tim says, “I think we need to be aware that too much starts to damage genuine connections with each other.”

“Online” will persuade listeners to think about how the internet affects their own lives. It will cause them to question whether or not they have a balance between indulging in the internet and actively living the life put in front of them. 

Tim Knapp refined his taste in music at a young age. Around age 9 he started recording at a family-owned studio and his interest only progressed with time. Tim had sung in a few punk rock bands by his high school graduation, one of which toured nationally. Since then he’s been exploring the freedom of being a solo artist. He’s also enjoying the opportunity to try new things and work with new people.

“Online” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Tim Knapp on Instagram for more information.

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