Brandon Coleman Releases New Studio Album ‘Champagne’

Available Now On All Major Platforms!

(Los Angeles, CA) July 10, 2021 -- Bay Area R&B artist Brandon Coleman has released his new studio album, titled ‘Champagne’. The multifaceted singer’s seventh full-length offering is the follow up to his 2020 record ‘Messages’.

Featuring the endlessly swagger-laden single “Swervin,” Coleman’s new LP features 10 tracks on the standard issue, and an additional 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe version. Speaking about “Swervin,” Coleman shares, "I'm not a rapper, nor am I a hip-hop artist. I make pop and r&b music. We just wanted to do something different from anything I'd ever made before, and just had fun with it."

Throughout many of the songs on ‘Champagne,’ Brandon Coleman establishes himself as a skillful independent artist who never fails to take his craft seriously. Coleman struggled with the difficulties many independent artists breaking into the industry experience, but continues to focus his passion on methodically building a catalog of undeniable ‘best life’ anthems that can accommodate a wide array of musical tastes. “Champagne,” indefinitely marks another turning point in Brandon Coleman's career, and is expected to surpass his biggest album Promise (2018).

For more details on Brandon Coleman, visit his website. ‘Champagne’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. 

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