Angel and Co Releases New Single, "Can I Get A Witness"

(Los Angeles, CA) September 2nd, 2021 –   London-based band Angel and Co's latest single titled "Can I Get A Witness" is available on major music platforms. Angel and Co are known for their unique sound and diverse background. Established in Covent Garden, the art center of London, the band was inspired by their surrounding of actors, singers, and dancers. With the help of the internet, the band connected with like-minded people in various countries and cities to collaborate and make music. 

"Can I Get A Witness" is influenced by the nineties, infusing pop-rock with echoes of indie sounds. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Kurt Cobain, Annie Lennox, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, and Portishead, the band’s catchy melodies backed by edgy instrumentals sets them apart from other artists. 

Brilliant with exquisite quality and an innovative sound, "Can I Get A Witness" is different without being overbearing. Reflecting Angel & Co’s originality and creative growth, the band’s latest track paves the way for them to establish a strong presence in the music industry. 

"Can I Get A Witness" is available on major streaming platforms.  

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