PettySagg releases an upbeat and happy track "I’m On The Way."

One-of-a-kind talent, PettySagg, is set to showcase his creativity with his latest single, "I’m On The Way," available on major platforms.  

(Los Angeles, CA) September 14th, 2021 – Recording artist PettySagg's latest track, "I’m On The Way," is available on major platforms. Already in the top 5 trending songs for Longbeach radio station and bursting with creativity and positive energy, "I’m On The Way" is a catchy and uplifting melody to start the day. Listeners will be motivated by the upbeat lyrics infused with intricate sounds and a variety of beats. 

Known for having a vibe like no other, PettySagg grew up in a Jamaican household and mixes different genres to create a unique one-of-a-kind sound with Caribbean and Jamaican influences. He believes music is an outlet for expression and creativity and loves using it as a tool to speak to the hopes and fears of life in the modern era.

Crediting influencers such as Jay Z, Coldplay, and Sunni Colon for giving him an unconventional and irresistible sound, PettySagg is set to emerge by releasing a series of singles on September 17th, 20th, and 23rd, leading up to the release of his  album "Lifestyle Of The Unconventional."

"I’m On The Way" is available on major platforms.  

About PettySagg

PettySagg's music is packed with literate wordplay, infectious beats, and catchy melodies. With his signature sound, he is continuously featured on playlists, with streaming numbers rising every day. His tremendous creativity and talent have positioned him to reach sonic heights and be a force in the recording industry. 

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