MR.Slade Releases New Single, "Call Me"

(Los Angeles, CA) September 15th, 2021MR.Slade's latest single, "Call Me," is available on digital platforms. MR.Slade is known for his robust voice and electrifying sounds. Born in Ontario, Canada, he aspires to bring music to a new demographic audience. The high energy reflected in his songs is often paired with strong vocals and instrumental riffs. With his originality and creativity, he is ready to rock the music industry creating a distinct path all his own. 

Influenced by the elements of 80's glam rock and 90's industrial edginess, "Call Me" is a track that brings a modern feel to the classic Blondie single. With his music, MR.Slade has demonstrated his unique and approachable take on the dynamic sounds of classic rock.  


Explosive and depicting creative artistry at its finest, MR.Slade has displayed his ability to combine diverse music genres with effortless precision. Channeling a blend of 80's metal and hard rock, "Call Me" delivers a powerful rendition of Blondie's popular single that is pure satisfaction and hard to ignore.  


"Call Me" is now available on Spotify  

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