Leol teases with the release of a gentlemen's club-inspired track, "Savages."

Leol inspires strippers to embrace their sensual savage spirit with his latest single, "Savages," available on all major platforms.    

 (Los Angeles, CA) October 26th, 2021 – Recording artist Leol's latest track, "Savages," is available on major platforms. Inspired by a trip to a Gentlemen's Club in LA, "Savages'' is sexy, infectious, and destined to encourage strippers to embrace the art of untamed seduction with their hypnotic dance moves. The track serves as a catalyst for all to embrace their fierce and carnal alter ego while releasing all inhibitions. It is clear, one listen is all it takes to fall victim to the tease and magnetic lure of "Savages." 

Produced by Leol, "Savages," features a combination of singing and rapping backed by a somber and chill beat that tantalizes listeners with its slow and sultry melody. The track hits differently, drawing the listener in with its magnetic sound and seductive rhythm. 

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Leol's music is unpredictable and enticing, centering around themes of love and infatuation while seducing and encouraging listeners to turn up the sex appeal and embrace the art of a lyrical and melodic tease. 

Previous work includes the hit single, "Type," which has caught the attention of several media outlets receiving positive critical acclaim and continues to rise on streaming platforms.   

"Savages" is available on major platforms.  

About Leol

Leol spends his time working on finance deals and networking with prestigious artists at award shows when not in the studio. He is always striving for self-improvement and credits his well-balanced lifestyle to his success and inspiration. He is inspired by the seasons, specifically fall when the leaves display vibrant colors and snow is on the horizon; however, his music will reflect his location change since he has spent a significant amount of time in LA.   

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