WhoExotic Releases Mellow And Personal Track entitled, "Fake Friends."

(Los Angeles, CA) November 18, 2021WhoExotic's latest track, "Fake Friends," is now available on all digital platforms. Inspired by a past relationship, "Fake Friends" features melancholy and relaxed sounds and reveals the personal story of relationship struggles during a specific time of his life. Deep and reflective, the track shares open and heartfelt lyrics and attempts to inspire fans to talk about their struggles and adversities. 

WhoExotic is an up-and-coming artist from New York. His music is a mixture of different genres, and his sound is mutable, fitting into various music styles. Innovative beyond belief, his melodies are diverse and rise above others.

WhoExotic's upcoming project, Psycho!, which is set to release in February 2022, features the single "Fake Friends" and focuses on his past connections and emotional hardships. Using sound and lyrics as a catalyst, his music evokes feelings and a sense of bravery while encouraging his listeners to open up and share their personal stories. 

Vulnerable and mellow, "Fake Friends" shares the reality of many during and after relationships. For more information about WhoExotic, visit  Instagram and to stream his music visit here. 

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