Daphne Wolfe Opens Up In Her Second Original Track, “Under My Spell”

(Los Angeles, CA) November 23, 2021 - Dallas-based teen musician Daphne Wolfe announces the release of her upcoming single “Under My Spell.” Set to release in January 2022, it conveys a vulnerable story where she opens up about self-discovery and the challenges of facing an identity crisis after finding out about having non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Filled with self-loathing and confusion, Wolfe described “Under My Spell” as a hate/love letter to herself as well as an acknowledgment of her gender dysphoria. Dark and psychedelic vibes can be felt throughout the track, inspiring those going through similar situations to accept and express their true selves and know that they aren’t alone.

Daphne Wolfe’s musical journey started when she made Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ cover which instantly caught people’s attention. She then came up with another remake, Gilbert O’ Sullivans’ “Alone Again (Naturally),” which also received positive acknowledgment. Wolfe began making original music shortly after and came out with “Pictures On My Wall”. After going on hiatus for a few months  due to some life drawbacks, this talented artist is now eager to get her feet wet again and hopes to inspire her listeners. Daphne shares, “It’s important that when you’re going through anything you perceive to be a big deal in your life, that you look to others to see how they deal with things.”

At the moment, Daphne focuses on genres such as synthpop, alternative pop, ethereal, and electronic. ​​With her music touching upon her own personal experiences, she is guaranteed to create a presence in the music industry and set the stage for her new project next year. Pre-save “Under My Spell” via this link, and follow her on Instagram for more information. 

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