Darko The Super Releases His Latest Album, "Great White Buffalo"

(Los Angeles, CA) November 23, 2021 –  Philadelphia-based rapper Darko The Super’s latest project, "Great White Buffalo" is now available across all major music platforms. Known for his unique sound and diverse background, Darko the Super reworked singer songwriter; Dean Friedman’s “Rumpled Romeo” originally released 40 years ago this year. 

The album features innovative versions of songs from Dean's 1981 masterpiece. Complete with reimagined tracks like "Buy My Baby a Car," now titled "Buy My Baby a Used Fiero on Craigslist," and "Nookie in the Mail" reworked to fit the new millennium as "Nookie Through the Phone." With more straightforward versions like "First Date," the album's catchy melodies and weirdo rap style set him apart from other artists in his genre. 

Darko The Super first got into Dean Friedman after listening to a cover of his legendary hit "Ariel" by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. He searched and found the original, and it quickly became his favorite song. Much like most of Dean's music, "Ariel" resonated with him on a personal level, thus magnetizing and inspiring him to jump-start the creative process that would eventually produce “Great White Buffalo."

Initially reaching out to Dean in the summer of 2019, Darko the Super had the idea to do a split 7" with Dean’s original hit single "McDonald's Girl" on the A-side and a remix on the B-side. Much to his surprise, Dean gravitated to his version and shared a mutual respect for his music which is the highest honor a sample-based producer could receive.  

The album features a rare verse from Exile, a guest feature from Fatboi Sharif, and a shredding saxophone solo from the Saxsquatch himself. Brilliant with exquisite quality and an innovative sound, the album is different without being overbearing. "Great White Buffalo" brings originality and creativity to the forefront and paves the way for Darko to establish a strong foundation and influence in the music industry. 

"Great White Buffalo" is available on Bandcamp and Spotify. For more information about Darko The Super, visit his Twitter.   

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