in\error releases a dark and emotional EP titled "Death By Design."

in\error sets the music industry on fire with their dark and intense EP, "Death By Design." 

(Los Angeles, CA) December 10th, 2021 – Salt Lake City-based band in\error's latest EP, "Death By Design," is available on major platforms. Dark, moody, and emotional, the album features songs about people's unpleasant and intense life experiences and was produced by Clayton Blue at Bamboo Audio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Known lyrically and sonically for bringing a fierce and emotional vibe, "Death By Design" features songs that dive into topics such as depression, anger, anxiety, and heartbreak. Infusing listeners with deep lyrics and dark sounds, their latest is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Known for having heavier projects with heavier vocals, in\error lead vocalist Jesse McGivney started a new project in 2017 named Runaway. He released a few singles under Runaway, his first project with mainly clean vocals. Later, he met guitarists Dawson Llewellyn and Neil Finch, who joined the project in 2020. After writing darker material with an intense and emotional vibe, the band changed their aesthetic and name to in\error and released their debut track/music video “Caving” on New Year's Eve 2021, followed by singles, "Give It Up"  and "Spiraling." 

"Death by Design" is available on major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. For more information about in\error, watch the interview done by Disc Review.

About in\error

in\error’s music is packed with literate wordplay and moody, dark, and emotional sounds. Frontman Jesse McGivney has been making music since he was 14 years old. In 2021 his band, in\error, released three tracks featured on their latest EP, "Death By Design," under the new band name and dark mood with guitarists Dawson Llewellyn and Neil Finch, and Jake Pannell on the bass. The EP also features Ben Hoagland from Extortionist and Joseph Vallez from Bloodline. The band is known for their signature sound, aesthetic, and lyrics that touch on fundamental topics like depression and anger. Currently on track to reach sonic heights and be a force in the recording industry, in\error will magnetize listeners and command their attention.

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