Rising artist Psyclo releases her latest track, "I'm Not Lovesick."

Psyclo ignites her heart with her latest single, "I'm Not Lovesick."

(Los Angeles, CA) February 9th, 2022 – Los Angeles-based Psyclo’s latest emo-rap track, "I'm Not Lovesick," is available on all major platforms. Giving the listeners a never before look into Psyclo’s emo hip-hop world, the track is personal and raw. 

While speaking about the process of making her latest single, Psyclo states, “I was just finishing up a studio session, and the two engineers there, John Warren and Miles Napier who are also talented musicians, we together were just hanging at the studio and we went - What about making a song tonight? Hell yeah, down.”

Hyped and motivated, they made the beat and wrote the song that night. She recalls, “I remember leaving the studio at 7 am and looking at the foggy sky, that night was one of the best times of my life, a night that I’d always hold close to my heart.”

Written about feeling empty, “I’m Not Lovesick'' reflects on her feeling trapped her whole life, and longing for company. However, the type of company she wants is not what someone or something could ever give her. Yearning to come to terms with herself, Psyclo struggles with the process and is left with emptiness and no sense of direction. 

Feeling like her hands have been tied all her life and comparing her life to the analogy of watching herself bleed in the mirror while doing nothing about it, she realizes only God knows how much she wants someone on her side and that we are all the same. We have the same loneliness and the same emptiness. Psyclo states, “Maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe we’re all supposed to feel empty so we’ll find the one thing that hides behind this emptiness and finally come to terms with ourselves.”

Hypnotic, refreshingly authentic, and sure to be on replay, "I'm Not Lovesick'' exposes Psyclo’s belief that the only theme of living on this earth is love. After listening to the track, the listener hears Psycho sing “I’m Not Lovesick” in the song several times, but is it true?

About Psyclo 

A lover of Hip-Hop, Death Metal, and Hard Rock, Psyclo spent a large part of her youth away from music. Born and raised in China, she came to Los Angeles to study but during college, she realized the film industry wasn't for her due to her lack of social skills and gradually found comfort and escape in music and healing through sound. She states, “I really hated school. I loved my college though, because filmmaking was my passion at that time. But you always have to work with people in filmmaking, you always need some extra hands, and I hated that, at the same time during college, I got into music and gradually I learned where my heart truly lied.” 

I’m Not Lovesick'' is available on all major platforms, including Spotify. For more information about Psyclo, visit her website and follow her on Instagram

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