Songwriter Ben Richman Delivers His Fourth Solo Album, 'Journey to a Dead End'

(Los Angeles, CA) January 20, 2022 - Little Rock recording artist Ben Richman has released his new full-length solo album, 'Journey to a Dead End.' This is a follow-up to his 2019 album, 'Kid Burnout,' and kicks off with the single 'Dumb' which was seen on January 6 via YouTube. On 'Journey to a Dead End,' Ben reflects on topics such as love and depression. Featuring contemplative and brooding lyrics, this indie-rock opera production recounts the story of a relationship challenged by mental health strains. 

Originally from Virginia, Ben Richman was the lead guitarist of the rock band, HWY 5. He is also known for launching the Little Rock-based alternative band The Revolutioners in 2010. Inspired by rock and pop from the 60s and alternative music from the 90s, Richman establishes himself as a skillful independent artist who is known for his appealing tunes juxtaposed with dark introspective lyrics. 'Journey to a Dead End' indeed marks another turning point in Ben Richman's career, and is expected to surpass his previous solo projects, including his debut album 'Slow Burn Panic Attack' (2016). 

'Journey to a Dead End' is now available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify. For more details on Ben Richman, visit his website

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