Floodgate Operators gives a sneak peek of their new album with "New Mexico Winds"

(Los Angeles, CA) January 28, 2022 - Crested Butte, Colorado-based band Floodgate Operators launches their latest single, “New Mexico Winds,” available on all streaming platforms. This two and half minute single is part of the ensemble’s highly anticipated 10-track debut album “Flood The World,” which will be released in April of this year. Featuring great vocal harmonies and a unique western perspective, this indie bluegrass production bestows the listeners an encompassing feeling of solitude and freedom. 

Inspired by the notorious gunslinger of the American Old West, “Billy the Kid,” and New Mexico’s disorderly territory before gaining statehood, “New Mexico Winds” reveals banjo player Ryan Maddux’s nostalgic feeling and visualization. As he cruised through the beautiful landscapes of New Mexico, Maddux pondered the thoughts of Billy the Kid during his time, as he constantly slipped away from the authorities.  

Recreating memories and recollections, the band uses harmonious sound combined with an array of melodic instrumentation as a catalyst to masterfully take listeners back in time. Maddux shares, “The phrase, ‘Riding these New Mexico winds,’ came to me on one especially windy, beautiful drive. I then infused what ole Billy must’ve had on his mind as he endlessly eluded the authorities.”

Consisting of Kevin Doherty (twelve-string guitar), Ryan Maddux (banjo), Scott Stewart (six-string guitar), Zach Vaughter (mandolin), and Sebastian Akesson (bass), this 5-piece bluegrass band was formed in 2018 and is known for its vibrant, full-hearted original music. Prior to ‘New Mexico Winds,’ Floodgate Operators made their first splash in 2020 with their debut EP, ‘Drought Driven Days,’ building up a solid foundation as they gear towards “Flood The World.”

New Mexico Winds” is now streaming on major music platforms, including Spotify. And check out the behind-the-scenes footage via their YouTube channel. For the latest updates on Floodgate Operators, visit their website and follow them on Instagram

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