Riku (戮) Puts Forward Another Hit Record, ''Angel feather''

(Los Angeles, CA) January 21, 2022 - Japanese rocker Riku (戮) has once again shown his tenacious songwriting and performance skills in the track, Angel feather (アマツカツバサ). Released under Key Seek Records just before 2021 ended, the track features Riku's catchy vocals anchored with propulsive rhythms resulting in a highly-energetic track that will no doubt advert the listeners' attention.

Angel feather (アマツカツバサ) talks about people facing tough life. The narrative starts with a gloomy tone, which works as a metaphor for an angel with a broken wing. Then powerful and dynamic instrumentations quickly come in, aspiring to raise someone's spirits and fight against life drawbacks. Riku (戮) sings that an angel feather is left as the angel gets healed and flies up to the sky. Hence the name, Angel feather (アマツカツバサ). 

Known for his music with substantial meanings, Riku (戮) started his solo music journey just a year ago. Prior to that, he was recognized as the lead vocalist for notable bands like HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, and others. Now, he has chosen to take a solo avenue in order to grasp his visions and artistic concepts, something that he is unable to do with a band. As a soloist, he released many projects including the well-received tracks, 'The Regret Was Left Behind' and 'Rin Pun.' And most recently, Riku (戮) was also seen publishing his debut 10-track solo album 'ZORO,' which his fans can find via his website.

Angel feather (アマツカツバサ) is now available on all music platforms, including Spotify. Follow Riku (戮) via his Instagram account to know more about him.

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