Darko The Super Releases "The Dean And I," A Collection of Dean Friedman Originals

(Los Angeles, CA) January 26th, 2022 –  Dean Friedman’s new 20-track compilation project, "The Dean And I," is now out.“The Dean And I" explores the journey between the artist and the listener, building into a compelling connection through music while showcasing Dean Friedman's career through the eyes of an experimental producer, akin to Madlib releasing a Blue Note compilation. 


Released through Darko The Super's indie label "U Don't Deserve This Beautiful Art," "The Dean And I" is a compilation of Dean's originals sampled by Darko for "Great White Buffalo." The collection proves and cements Dean Friedman as one of America's greatest songwriters and a true inspiration. The album's tracklist is based on "Great White Buffalo" and features songs like "Don't You Ever Dare" and "Are You Ready Yet," two coming-of-age tales that focus on the responsibilities of adulthood and the decisions we make. While "Rocking Chair (It's Gonna Be Alright)" is a positive reaffirmation that when times are bad, they'll always get better. Darko states, "It's easy to see why Dean's spirited stories of young love and finding oneself resonate so well across generations; they're timeless." 


Darko reached out to Dean on Twitter as a big fan of his work. Miraculously, Dean gave Darko's music a listen and had a mutual appreciation, which led to the genesis of the split 7" record "McDonald's Girl," which was released on April 20th, 2020. The "McDonald's Girl" EP featured Dean Friedman's original 1982 single and Darko The Super's remix. This remix was packed with a hypnotic sound featuring "McDonald's Girl" being sampled into a Big Mac Attack, thus paving the way for Darko's signature nonconforming rap style. 


Stream "The Dean And I" via Bandcamp. For more information about Darko The Super, visit his Twitter and Spotify.  

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