Adrian Lee Zuniga drags readers to hell and back with "The Edge of Oblivion."

Adrian Lee Zuniga takes readers into Žaneta's emotional journey searching for her children with "The Edge of Oblivion." 

(Los Angeles, CA) February 1, 2022 – Casper, Wyoming-based creative novelist Adrian Lee Zuniga's second installment of his trilogy The Elder Scrolls - Žaneta's Chronicles, is available now on Amazon. "The Edge of Oblivion," revisits old familiar cities as Žaneta crosses through mountains and imperial sites. Steeped in unadulterated emotion, the novel reveals the momentum and allies gained during Žaneta's mission to find her family. 

Part two begins with Žaneta's ship as it ports in Narsis on the mainland of Morrowind. From here, she uncovers the name of who's behind stealing her children while searching for any signs that will lead her to them. The thrilling second installment follows Part One: Vvardenfell without missing a beat, and leads into Part Three: The Lost Mane for a spectacular conclusion. Steadily following the tradition of the previous book, "The Edge of Oblivion" infuses a cinematic approach to Adrian’s writings, transporting readers into a world of magic while continuing its path of emphasizing details such as location, food, and creatures that made the land of Morrowind intriguing and captivating. 

In 2008, Adrian Lee Zuniga completed a guidebook for respiratory care, but something was pulling him to the world of creative writing. Simultaneously, at that time, he also picked up an affinity for music and began formal instruction on the violin. The addition of music and his family in 2013 influenced his novels and were very instrumental to his creative future. After completing the trilogy, Adrian’s fan base has given rave reviews, and his books are now ready to be fully recognized. By simple word of mouth, knowledge of the trilogy is spreading and many individuals are fully immersed, allowing their imagination to transport them to this exceptional fantasy fiction land.  

"The Elder Scrolls - Žaneta's Chronicles" is available on Amazon, and fans can also purchase the audiobooks through Audible.  

About Adrian Lee Zuniga

Adrian Lee Zuniga started professionally writing in 2015. At this time, he began completing several drafts and storyline alterations while pursuing artwork to accompany his writings. In search of an artist who can bring his words to life by putting real consistent faces to his characters, Adrian teamed up with an overseas illustrator in 2019. He is still in contact with the reputable artist, and together they continue to dabble in character art. The goal is to get complete awareness of this trilogy to the public, finish licensure with Zenimax, and then go on to the movies. Poised and on track, Adrian is sure to bring his characters to the screens of cinematic lovers and fantasy fiction enthusiasts. 

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