Kenton Place cements itself on the rock scene with their latest music video, "Roses On The Wall."

Kenton Place brings a heavy rock resurgence with their current music video, "Roses On The Wall."  

(Los Angeles, CA) February 18th, 2022 – Houston, Texas-based band Kenton Place debuts the music video for their track, "Roses On The Wall." Blending hard rock and metal to create a signature sound, the band is on pace to become a household name with the March 4th release of their upcoming EP, "Terminal," an emotional guitar-riffed music journey featuring "Roses On The Wall."

"Roses on The Wall" is their latest music video and a true story about a young woman who has been diagnosed with cancer and her progress in coming to terms with it. The video provides a visual outlet to tell a compelling story from several perspectives, including that of her father, who suffered the loss of his daughter. 


Kenton Place's music is rich in messaging and uses different melodies to create a unique band identity. The band pays homage to some of rock music's legendary sounds and stars while infusing originality and unmatched creative energy. Their latest video, "Roses On The Wall," was made to spread cancer awareness and give those who struggle with the stages, grief, and depression associated with cancer a song to call their own. The band states, "We make music to help others heal, like  music has helped us too." 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Kenton Place's recorded their debut record, "Terminal," featuring "Roses On The Wall," with Grammy award-winning producer Ulrich Wild and Grammy-winning mastering engineer Ted Jensen. Combined, the two have over five Grammy awards and 12 Grammy nominees for bands such as Pantera, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Deftones, Gunz and Roses, Norah Jones, and Snoop Dogg under their belt. "Terminal" is a five-song EP that takes listeners on a sound and lyrical journey through the five stages of grief as they relate to the band members and the human experience as a whole. The EP is a non-linear narrative featuring music videos and songs with a specific meaning and storyline. 

The latest "Roses On The Wall" will ignite emotions and heighten compassion for those affected by the illness. To watch "Roses On The Wall," visit their YouTube and for additional band information, check out their website and Instagram. 

About Kenton Place

Kenton Place began its professional music journey in 2018, playing the most prominent stages in the Houston area, such as House of Blues, White Oak Music Hall Amphitheater, and performing in Austin during SXSW 2018. In 2019 the band released its debut single, "Pride Never Lasts," which received air time on Houston's own 94.5 The Buzz and stayed on-air as the Texas buzz feature for over a month. The band features childhood friends vocalist/guitarist Logan Smalley (Smalls), drummer Noe Hernandez (Fez), lead guitarist Roque Techera (Rock, the hero), and bass guitarist Curtis Bird (Mr. Bird). Together all members decided on the name Kenton Place to pay tribute to the place that provided them with so many childhood memories and honor their roots.   

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