Gabe Furtado releases a declaration of fun with his upbeat and happy track, "Dance Everyday."

Gabe Furtado excites with the release of his new positive and energetic track, "Dance Everyday." 

(Los Angeles, CA) April 22, 2022 – Brazilian-born artist Gabe Furtado releases a declaration of fun with his latest track, "Dance Everyday." The energetic tune infuses an optimistic message of freeing your soul and moving your body through the art of dance. The track is packed with self-assuring lyrics and upbeat melodies, ensuring listeners will dance and sing along. 

"Dance Everyday" exudes healing energy and vibration while taking listeners on a journey filled with fun and acceptance. Gabe states, "I finally accept that life is constantly changing and we're all evolving, and with acceptance comes peace and empowerment to have more fun!"  Packed with infectious beats that fill listeners' hearts with positivity and self-confidence, Gabe reveals the inspiration behind the song occurred when he was enlightened spiritually. At this moment, he was told to have fun while living and working, allowing things to move effortlessly and freely within him.

Known for his creativity and boundless imagination, Gabe Furtado's music is emersed with intricate sounds and various beats. He believes music is an outlet for expression and creativity and loves using it as a tool to provide joy, empowerment, and self-love. "Dance Everyday" is a catchy and uplifting melody to start the day, and with music as his outlet of self-expression, Gabe believes we all have our light and shadows inside and that people are most powerful when we embrace both the light and the dark. He states,  "Dance Everyday" is also about the duality of life. We all want to have fun at the end of the day!" 

Most importantly, Gabe is a vessel of optimism, positive outlooks, and endless faith. His tremendous creativity and talent have positioned him to reach sonic heights and be a force in the recording industry. 

"Dance Everyday" is available on all music platforms. 

About Gabe Furtado

Gabe Furtado is the epitome of creativity and authenticity. He began his music career in 2014 by releasing cover songs by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Mika. By 2017, he released his first professional EP titled "Just Feelings." The album had three cover songs, including his version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," his most streamed on Spotify, receiving 200k streams. Gabe started making homemade videos on his YouTube channel for two songs to accompany his EP. With the success of the videos, he decided to make his first original LP, "Life." Receiving critical acclaim, Gabe is now thriving with the release of his sophomore album "Flowers."

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