Yii Money Instills Resiliency Against Double-Crossers in “They Frontin'”

(Los Angeles, CA) May 18, 2022 - Hailing from Connecticut, Yii Money is a rapper known for injecting his love for infectious hooks and lyricism into the track he creates. This year, he continues to knock down the walls of the false facade with a new banger, They Frontin'. Released via Money Music Records, this two-and-half minute hip-hop offering comes with a professional video production directed by Dir. Baby, talking about the times of the artist's life when people have 'fronted' on him. Featuring a self-assured and commanding vocal performance, They Frontin' gives an insight into his lifestyle and how you cannot trust people on their intention 100%, especially when you have certain things to offer.

Yii Money shares, "Countless times, people who were supposed to be my friends have crossed me and betrayed me. Loyalty is important to me, and if you don't have it, we can’t be cool."

Yii Money's music journey started almost a decade ago, leaning toward mainstream hip-hop in the instrumentation and rap style. One 4th of July, a friend invited him over to come to a studio, where he was introduced to an engineer who eventually became a great friend of his. To date, Yii Money still records with that same engineer. 

Yii Money is noted for bringing a distinct flow and disposition to the mic. His biggest musical influence is the major-league artist Lil Wayne - giving a glimpse into how his artistry and upbeat good vibes stylings as an emcee developed. Carrying an inimitable flow to the table and engaging delivery, Yii Money indeed steps up with a knockout performance that is impossible to ignore. 

They Frontin' is now available for streaming everywhere, including Spotify and YouTube. For more information about Yii Money's upcoming endeavors, visit and hit follow via his Instagram handle. 

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